Frequently Asked Questions


It is our desire to create the safest environment we possibly can for each of our visitors. We have put many measures in place to accomplish this. We use animal friendly cleaning , we have walls in between each run to prevent cross contamination, and of course we make sure our visitors are vaccinated for their protection.

Our animals have close contact with one another on a daily basis. The only way we can protect against any possible risk of illness is to make sure all of our animals are vaccinated properly. These shots are non-negotiable.

We do not board dogs or cats within two weeks of adoption from a rescue facility. This is to ensure they are disease free before they enter our facility.


Vaccinations must be given by your veterinarian at least 4 Days before visiting CCCR. Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella are the vaccinations we require for Dogs. Additionally, we ask that all dogs are free of coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea  before entering our facility.

  • Rabies
  • DHPP
  • Bordetella (Every 6 months)


Rabies, FVRCP, Feline Leukemia are the vaccinations we require for Cats. A negative test for Feline Leukemia, within two weeks of boarding, maybe be in lieu of a vaccine.  Feline vaccines have variable time requirements based on lifestyle, age, and vaccine history. 

  • Rabies
  • Feline Leukemia

The Bordetella vaccine helps control and prevent the spread of germs that cause canine cough. If a dog that has been vaccinated with the Bordetella vaccine acquires canine cough, they will have a less severe form that resolves faster than a dog who is not vaccinated. The germs that cause canine cough are very similar to the common cold in humans with mild coughing and sometimes a runny nose. Symptoms usually resolve within a week.

There are many things than can cause the symptoms of canine cough (can be referred to as kennel cough), not just the Bordetella bacteria. Currently, most ‘canine cough’ vaccines will protect dogs from a few virus strains in addition to the bacteria called Bordetella. In healthy adult dogs, canine cough typically causes no more than a mild illness. In puppies or dogs with underlying health issues, it can cause severe illness or very rarely, death. Kennel cough is highly contagious, easily transmitted through the air or direct contact. This vaccine may lose efficacy over time and is therefore recommended to be given every 6 months for dogs who attend social settings.

Safety is the most important thing to us. Not only for our visitors but for our staff as well. In-tact dogs assert dominance, which causes stress and aggression in the play yard.

Great question! We have a schedule that we stick to on a daily basis. That is one reason why we enforce our hours. We let dogs out at 7am, then we feed breakfast.  After feeding, we begin playtimes.  The playtimes are every 3 hours, with a total of 3 playtimes.  We then let them settle for a short time, feed dinner, and give them a nap time before their final let out for the night.  Every dog receives a bed time treat. The play groups are able to wrestle and play inside, in between outdoor playtimes.

We prepare meals exactly like you do at home. We will ask you instructions when you drop off. If you are a frequent flyer with us, we will still ask you questions in case your fur baby’s instructions have changed.

We will give medication and supplements as instructed. We do require regular medication and supplements to be in their original bottle.

Yes, make sure you have a leash and restraint that is properly fitted for your animal.

No, they are not in crates.  They are in spacious cages, without tops, to keep all the animals safe when there is no supervision.

We will immediately seek medical attention for your pet.  However, agreeing to playtimes with your dog means a risk of altercations with other dogs.  CCCR is not financially liable for medical bills.

Please notify us if your dog has anxiety or is a chewer.  All damages to beds, walls, crates, etc. are the responsiblity of the dog owner.


Included– We bathe each animal twice, condition, trim nails, express anal glands, and pluck and clean ears. If you have a medicated bath be advised there will be an upcharge.

Prices– Depending on the on the groom, whether it is a Bath & Tidy or a full groom, prices will vary. Prices vary from $40 and up. We charge for time spent on the table. For instance, if your dog is heavily matted and is on the table for 3 – 6 hours, you will be charged for the time spent on your fur baby. One way to avoid large charges is to schedule your dog for normal appointments on a regular basis.

Yes, please make sure you let whoever checks you in know that you want your dog bathed. We will groom your dog if we have openings. If it is a holiday weekend we may not be able to accommodate.

We offer regular grooming by appointments only. Once you schedule your dog you are expected to pick them up after the groom is completed or you will be charged with daycare. If you want your dog to spend the day in daycare and then get groomed, that is an option as well.


No problem! We can use our food and there will be a daily charge for the cost of food. We highly recommend bringing your own food. We do not like to change diets that may create stomach issues.

We do nightly, weekly, short-term, and long-term boarding. If you are a new customer and book a reservation with us, there will be a 3-day minimum, nonrefundable deposit.  You must cancel your boarding reservation with at least 4 days’ notice to refund your deposit.

Yes, we do! We do not put our cats in cages, but allow them to socialize during their entire visit. Our cat room is “catified”, which means there are no spaces for them to be trapped, or feel the need to fight.

No problem! We do charge an additional charge for a medical board If your fur baby requires insulin or requires additional time for our staff to take care of.

Not from boarding, but we do have restrictions from daycare. We reserve the right to restrict any dog from group playtime if we feel it is an unsafe environment.

No, we do not feed them in daycare because they are in a group setting.

YES!! Ask about our birthday packages.

Doggie Daycare

 One of the biggest reasons is socialization in general in a safe, supervised environment.