Book Your Dog's Boarding Stay

We ask that you make all reservations through our office. We do not have our software outside our facility. We do not want to make any mistakes so please make sure you physically talk to someone at our facility. If you text, leave a message, or email do not think you have an appointment. Technology, although great does not necessarily work every time. Make sure you schedule your visit in advance. Our holidays and summers fill up fast.

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This is our most common request. Whether it is just getting away for the weekend or going on vacation for a week, when you plan your exciting get away, plan for your pets as well. Our daily schedule allows plenty of playtime, so allow us to take care of your pet’s staycation while you are away. Your fur baby will enjoy daily play times with their BFF.

Moving, Remodeling, Out of State, Taking a month-long cruise, Hospital Stays, etc… If you run into a situation where you need to board your pet for an extended amount of time we can accommodate that as well. Your pet will enjoy the same fun activities that our regular boarders are allotted. There is 50% deposit required on the estimated expected time away. If the stay is extended an additional deposit will be required to cover our cost associated with labor.

Prepare Your Dog for Boarding

Before leaving your dog for an extended stay we encourage you to try our doggy daycare. When you do this your dog will not only get a chance to know us and our facility, but they also recognize you will return to take them home.  We have no doubt this will help your pet’s overall stay at our facility.

What to Bring

We supply bowls, beds, blankets, and toys. We ask that you do not bring personal items. If it is their first stay we will allow small items but it is too difficult for us to keep your items separate if we have to wash any items. We will have plenty of things for your dog to do. Be advised we do not want toys from home if your dog is in a playgroup outside and brings their toy out. Your dog may feel possessive of its own toys. We do not want their favorite toy torn or ripped.

 (Please remember we cannot guarantee bedding will be returned in the same condition.)

Please bring your own food. We do not want to change any dog’s diet that could result in an upset stomach or digestion issues. If we do supply our food there will be an extra charge.

We feed all of our boarders at approximately 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. We will serve and prepare each meal exactly the way you request. We’ll accommodate any special dietary needs your pup may have, and won’t charge extra for feeding or administering oral medication. All medications and supplements must be in the original prescription bottle or container. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY PILLS IN OTHER CONTAINERS OR BAGS.

Our buildings are climate-controlled for your pets’ comfort.

All dogs are supervised and have attendants in the yards during their playtimes.

What to Expect After Boarding

Do not be surprised if your pet seems to be sleeping or seems worn out. Dogs need rest just like we do and even have naps at CCCR. Our job is to give them the time of their life when you are away and this may wear them out.

What is your cost?

You are charged the same way you would be at a hotel, by the day. If you pick up before 9 am the next weekday or 10 am on Saturdays you will not be charged for that day. Everyone pays for Sundays since we are not opened until 4 pm.


  • 1 Dog- $30 per Day

  • Cat- $20 per Day

  • 4 or more from the Same Household, 20% discount

  • Long-term Boarding- ask for the owner. A 50% deposit is required for all stays over 30 days.

Discounts: We do give 5% discounts to Veterans, Seniors, and First Responders for Boarding only. Not to exceed $25.